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What is Paris Komatchi ?

in English

" Something Important We Can Achieve Wearing Kimono
In the City of Paris " - Paris Komatchi


We contribute in many ways to the revival of our distant home
of Japan while we embrace the joy being in Kimono and assembling
together dressed Kimono. We introduce our extraordinary Japanese
culture in Paris, France.


- We help charity events and receptions as receptionists
- We plan to implement Kitsuke (how to wear Kimono) classes
- We forward movement of Kimono ; dressed in Kimono
- We enhance the beauty of Kimono through our own spirit

The movement of the group Paris Komatchi began from a topic written in a Kimono Enthusiastic
community in *Mixi. The following translation is so more people can be aware.
*Japanese Social Networking Services


The Great East Japan Earthquake:

The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is still seesawing. It leaves me feeling very
helpless and dissatisfied as I live safely and peacefully in Paris while watching
from afar the devastation and hardship in Japan.

My deep concern causes me to think. I am only one but I must ask myself what
can I do to help. I begin to think of my treasured kimono; my traditional everyday
Japanese clothing. Somehow I had lost the courage to wear it while living-in and
walking around Paris.

I realized a satisfaction that if others were to join me, we could make the country
of Japan visible to those who would be interested in making a much needed donation
which would be most appreciated by all of the Japanese at this very difficult time.

Kimono is a gift of magnificent nature, culture, wisdom and the aesthetic senses
of Japan. I believe the people, who love kimono, understand this very well. There
are many things different from France and Japan but I think in terms of aesthetic
senses, there is much that we share.

It will be wonderful if the people who have kimono get together at this occasion
and walk around the beautiful City of Paris together. Spring is getting closer;
perhaps a perfect time to introduce a special part of our extraordinary Japanese culture.

This activity could help increase the much-needed donations to rebuild what
the violent earthquake and devastating tsunami took from the families of Japan.


The earthquake and tsunami completely destroyed some part in northeast Japan.
The scenes that we saw on televisions were like a nightmare, but it was real.
It broke everybody's heart.

Paris Komatchi is a group of Kimono Enthusiasts who live in France and are also
devastated by the catastrophe. We agreed with the idea put forth to reach out
and assist the people of Japan in great need. It is a movement, which would like
to be continued in the future.

Komatchi comes from the name of a woman, Onono Komatchi who is a representative
of beauty in Japanese history. The name also means the woman who is well-known in
the region as whom is beautiful like Onono Kamatchi.

Through our activities, we would like to acknowledge widely the word Komatchi,
which presents Japanese own feminine beauty, dressed in Kimono to the people as
a common expression like the other Japanese terms in France. It appears unexpectedly
and disappears after the missions are done.

When you meet with Paris Komatchi, something wonderful might happen ;)

March 2011
Paris Komatchi

Translated in English by YURIKO
Collaborated with Ellen



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Paris Komatchi est une association qui a débuté ses activités après le seisme du Japon. Elle a été établie par des japonaises qui habitent à Paris, avec l'envie d'aider ce pays en portant la tenue traditionnelle japonaise : le Kimono. Au travers du kimono nous pensons pouvoir soutenir le Japon depuis la France. Nous souhaiterions que beaucoup de gens pensent au Japon en découvrant le kimono.


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